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Alexander Winery

The Alexander Winery is situated at Beit Yitzhak, a farming estate set in the heart of the Sharon region of Israel, an elite, family owned winery, renowned as one of Israel’s most seasoned wineries. Founded in 1996 by Yoram Shalom on the family’s estate, the winery is named after his father, the late Alexander Shalom from whom Yoram acquired the inspiration and love of wine. The winery maintains a one hundred and twenty year old family tradition of wine making which began in Italy and North Africa.

Over the years, the Alexander Winery has gained many awards in Israel and around the world. Its art of wine making is a tradition, combining family heritage, passion and creativity with knowledge and innovation.

Alexander Winery PO 8151 Beit Itzchak
Tel: 972-9-8822956
Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs 9 AM – 17
Fri 9 AM – 13 PM


Vitkin Winery

In the western Hefer valley, between fields, vineyards and orchards, next to the Turtle Bridge on Nahal Alexander is the Vitkin Winery where you can enjoy a rich wine experience: tasting and purchase of a variety of the winery’s wines, participation in wine workshops, lectures and guides, chef meals, hosting exclusive wine events in a private guest room and more.

Turtle Bridge , Alexander stream , Kfar Vitkin
waze: “Vitkin Winery”
tel. +972-9-8663505
fax. +972-9-8664179WhatsApp: +972-54-4866355
Email: Address: PO Box 267, Kfar Vitkin, 4020000
Open Sun.-Thur. 09:30-17:00
Fridays 10:30-15:30
By appointment


Aligote Winery

Aligote Winery is located in Moshav Gan Yoshiya, at the Fanty family’s farm.
Zvika is the third generation of wine dynasty began in Romania in the 40s.
In 2003 the Zvika built the winery with his own hands.
The winery insist on quality wine production process and strict traditional professional. Barrel room only to be found new oak barrels of American and French.


Euqaliptus Street 58
Moshav Gan Yoshiya, Hefer Valley Regional Council
Tel. 0544748892
Facebook (Hebrew):


Rekanati Winery

Recanati Winery was established in 2000 by Lenny Recanati and Uri Shaked. Their aim was to create a new winery which would produce original, quality Israeli wine. The winery’s philosophy is to produce local and original wines, wines that will best express the local terroir. The winery has vineyards in the best growing areas in the country, and is very particular about growing unique Mediterranean varieties such as Petite Sirah, Marselan and Carignan and local varieties (Marawi), while simultaneously nurturing classic international varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and others.

The winery is proud of its unprecedented achievements, both locally and internationally.

Gesher Ha’Etz 16, Industrial Park Emek Hefer
Tel: 04-622-2288
Facebook (Hebrew):

Mond Winery

Mond Winery bears the name of Lord Alfred Mond who bought 80 years ago the East Sharon land and represents the vision of acting whilst staying connected to Nature. The Mond Winery was built in 2004 by Moshe & Herzel Keren in Mishmeret at the Tel Mond area which produces 25,000 bottels of Kosher wine – “Cabarnet Sauvignon” “Merlot” “Shiraz –Cabarnet” “Cabarnet Frank” “Petit Sira” “Petit Verdu”  dry and semi dry white wine, muskat and port wine. All the Winery’s wines dry in Oak barrels in order to produce the best wines possible.

Mond Winery’s wines receive gold & silver medals in international wine competitions. The wines received a title” Best value for Price” and was praised by many professionals & experts from the Wine world for their fair price and high value.

Meshek 24, Moshav Mishmeret, Lev HaSharon Regional Council
Tel: 050-5243328
Facebook (Hebrew)

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