More sport activities

Wall-Climbing “Ha-Ogen”
HaOgen is one of the largest centers in Israel. Its structure and the wide choice of walls and climbs make it the most impressive center. It offers amazing inclines for professionals and also moderate ones for starters.
Kibbutz HaOgen.


“Monkeys Climbing Gym”

A professional climbing wall in Netanya that incorporates a children’s area for all ages and levels.
How to get there: address – Big Poleg Mall 2nd Floor. Waze: “Monkeys climbing wall”


Horseback riding (near netanya)

The ranch near Havazelet Ha-Sharon allows for romantic rides in the moonlight. Riding lessons are also avaible. Open all week.

Phone: 09-8663525, 054-4592180

Tours for the whole family and for riders of all levels, along the beach, cliffs and fields.
Open 7 days a week.


HorseFarm Aharon Beitan
Horseback riding tours whole family, horseback riding tours for riders of all levels along the beach, cliffs and fields, romantic rides in the sunset

09-8669555, 052-3239933, 054-4592180


Karting Netanya
(Go Karts) Netanya – another riding experience in a variety of available go kart vehicles. 24 Giborei Israel St.



Mall “Ir Yamim”, Beni Berman St. 2, Ground Floor



Two-a-side soccer in a cage is the new sports specialty that has its roots in traditional football but is played in a cage. The cage itself, approximately 50 square meters in size, makes it possible for Jorkyball players to combine the soccer technical competitive spirit with a leisure activity in the classic indoor facilities.



(game played with metal balls) – is a very popular French form of boules where the goal is, while standing with the feet together in a small circle, to throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (jack). Playing ground in 4 Ichilov St.


The Wingate Institute

The Wingate Institute is Israel’s National Center for Physical Education and Sport. Concentrated here in the Institute are the educational, professional and scientific resources for the development of physical education, “sport for all”, elites sport and sport as means of social and physical rehabilitation. The most advanced sport facilities are to be found here, including: swimming pools, sport and gymnastic halls, fitness gymnasium, fitness and recuperation center and more…




Sportek sports center in Kiriyat HaSharon is a unique area including sports arenas for basketball and mini-football, volleyball, ping-pong tables, activity equipment for children, open air gym and exercise gear, bike lanes, skating arena and walking paths. There is a large parking lot for visitors


Fitness facilities
They can be found throughout the city and on the beaches and are available for the convenience of the public.


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Netanya Skatepark

Located in the Winter Park Lake, including the Skatepark itself, the complex extends over three dunams with extreme facilities and the most sophisticated skating facilities.

Netanya stadium

Netanya Stadium area is about 60 acres, with approximately 6000 square meters intended for trade and employment.

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