Riding and enjoying in Netanya

Pump Track Bike Park in Netanya

The Netanya Pump Track is one of the largest in the country, offering cyclists amateur and professional alike: a criterium track – a professional track that is “sterile” and open solely to cyclists and a unique and challenging track for BMX racing, a sport that was recognized as an Olympic sport at the last Olympic Games in Beijing.
It’s being built along Route 57 and will have a natural bicycle riding track that is expected to be a unique attraction for visitors to the park. The Pump Track is a ring-shaped bike track with a system of berms and rollers (dirt mounds for pumping), with the principle behind it being that bicyclists move forward and gain speed without pedaling, but by timed movement of their bodies

Winter Pond Lake
Inside the park located in the southern part of Netanya, are offered a number of bike paths that allow pleasure riding and hiking trails while admiring  the special green beauty  of the park.

Kiryat Nordau – Ramat Poleg trail
A designated cycling trail that helps thousands of students to get to school. The trail that connects Kiryat Nordau and Ramat Poleg allows safe passage through the Golda Meir Park Bridge at the entrance to Netanya.

Netanya Cliff Promenade – Yakum
A wonderful track family-friendly (14 km, easy level.) The track begins at the Cliff promenade nearby Carmel Hotel, goes through the paragliding compound at the promenade and from there continues to climb 500 meters over the cliff for a spectacular view of the beach. During the route you will pass the Iris reserve and reach Moshav Udim, ride in a pecan grove, cross the Poleg River by bike or on foot and reach the Yakum reserve.

Netanya beach promenade
The route runs along 5.5 kilometers. It begins at Dizengoff corner of Herzl and goes on through the renewed Independence Square, the Warrior Monument, the Park Hotel, the Sironit Beach, the Galei yam promenade and the Iris Reserve.

Hailanot Trail (Trees trail)
An enchanted trail that runs along 5 kilometers and starts at the Sergeants forest in the Kiryat Hasharon neighborhood. Ride east along the water line between the river Avihayil  and the river Hailanot. At the north, you will see the plantations of Nordia neighborhood and at the south fields of potatoes and citrus groves. You arrive to the Hailanot forest where you will find eucalyptus trees, woodland oak and several picnic areas. On the northeast side of the forest you can see the hill Lotem, a hill on which various plants such as Lotem, tulips and orchids grow. Cross the river Hailanot on the way to the northern side of the river and return back west along the cemetery to Kiryat Hasharon

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Netanya Skatepark

Located in the Winter Park Lake, including the Skatepark itself, the complex extends over three dunams with extreme facilities and the most sophisticated skating facilities.

Netanya stadium

Netanya Stadium area is about 60 acres, with approximately 6000 square meters intended for trade and employment.

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