Netanya stadium

Stadium Netanya
Netanya Stadium area is about 60 acres, with approximately 6000 square meters intended for trade and employment.

The stadium includes in its first stage, about 13,610 seats (at its final stage about 24000 seats) in two main tribunes.

The stadium has 17 fancy viewing booths and 17 spacious cafeterias serving the public with maximum comfort.

Stadium Netanya

In addition, the stadium is designed to be a center of leisure, culture and events receiving thousands of spectators and offering a cultural and social experience.

Technologically – it’s considered the most advanced stadium in Israel and among the most advanced in Europe.

A sophisticated command room controls the game through the command and control system, which includes dozens of cameras placed in the stadium, advanced warning and control systems and an electronic scoreboard 80 square meters of size.

Netanya Stadium and the complex around are part of the urban fabric of East Netanya, which includes already hi – tech industry, an academic campus and high-level residential complexes.

The architects of the project are: Nathan Golshmidt, Miko Arditi and Yossi Ben-Naim.



Avraham Shapira, Netanya


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