Caesarea Maritima Museum houses the largest collection of archeological artifacts related to Herod’s city, ancient Caesarea. Some were uncovered accidently while tilling the fields while many others were discovered in archeological excavations.
The various finds include marble statues, sarcophagi, inscriptions, coins, oil lamps, pottery, jewelry, metal utensils, amphorae, etc. from the Roman/ Herodian, Byzantine, Muslin and Crusader periods. Also on exhibit are artifacts from Caesarea Synagogue, mosaics and remnants of Jewish headstones.
Whereas on a visit to Caesarea National Park you can see the remains of the city and of its buildings and get an idea of the dimensions of the city in ancient times, visiting the museum you can get an idea of what life was like in the city – what adorned the temples, streets, houses. What was used in everyday life – coins, jewelry, children’s games, kitchenware and more..

Guided Tours

The museum welcomes groups of all ages.
Tours can be provided in Hebrew, English and French.
Length of tours is flexible. Standard length is 45 minutes.
The museum also offers:
A variety of activities and workshops for children. Visit the site for more details.
Walking field trips or by car on sites outside of ancient Caesarea National Park: the eastern Hippodrome, the Byzantine street, the birds’ mosaic, the Aqueduct, the synagogue and more. Between a half or full day.


Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu 10:00-16:00
For groups and by appointment, guided tours can be conducted outside opening hours.

For further details:
Phone: 04-6364367
Museum website:
Facebook: Caesarea museum treasures-Sdot-Yam


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Caesarea National Park

The Caesarea Antiquities National Park presents a cultural continuity of 2,500 years of history! Well preserved site which enables the visitor to understand the history of this land.

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