The Well House museum

The Well House is a remnant from the Pardes Hagdud Farm, established in 1928 by members of Jewish Legions. The farm and its orchards were used as a base for Hagana activities until Israel won its independence. At the end of the 1940s the farm area was annexed to the municipality of Netanya. The refurbished well, where visitors can see the restored water pump, is a testimonial to Netanya’s beginnings. One can see the restored water pump and enjoy a local exhibition.


The Well House, end of Weizmann St., corner of Sokolov. To schedule a visit call 09-8329940.

Additional information can be obtained also from the Informal Education Association, at 09-8618515


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City Life

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"Planetanya"- The Madarame Center for Science, Space and Culture

Netanya Museum

In 2010, the Netanya municipality decided to renovate the place and turn it into a documentation center and museum of the history of the city.

City Life

Inter Active Atzmaut Square

The Municipality of Netanya has inaugurated the "Inter Active Atzmaut Square" networked with the most advanced technologic systems and is a touristic attraction.

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