In the Ma’apilim promenade

Prominades_Amfi_SmallThe promenade has an art square the center of which holds the city gallery, presenting ongoing exhibits of the finest Israeli artists. There are also private galleries, a fenced roller skating rink, and play and seating areas. 



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Meet the new Hamelachim Promenade in Netanya

The promenade offers a hiking trail, gardening, playground facilities and shading.

The southern promenade named after director Claude Lanzmann

The promenade is unique in its environmental sculptures, made from recycled materials by interdisciplinary artist Roslan Sergeyev. The sculptures are used as decorations and benches, gazebos and playgrounds.

Carmel Promenade

extends from the “Pirchei HaEven” square on Baruch Ram Street to the “Ir HaShemesh” square. The promenade provides an extensive view of the sea as well as a green landscape and seating areas.

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