Lagoon (Argaman) beach

Access to the beach is from the Ben Ami Boulevard that is an integral part of the Matzok promenade. On the beach there are life guard services, open air gym equipment, restroom and a restaurant (now it’s under construction). Parking is free. The beach is adjacent to the southern neighborhoods, Neot Shaked and Ramat Yadin. The beach is accessible on foot from Sironit Beach or Poleg Beach.

Every year on the beach takes place the triathlon of Netanya.



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Mihmoret Neurim

A quiet and pastoral beach strip, quiet sea water and a spectacular diving site

Beit Yanai

A well-tended beach strip, a unique river and a lovely beach.

Sironit beach Alef

The central beach located at the foot of the Rishonim Promenade from which there is a transparent elevator leading down to the beach.

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