Vacationing Netanya!

Entering the events is free unless stated differently.
Entering events is with vouchers which await you at the hotels’ reception. Entering by previous enrolling- unless stated otherwise.
The events are under the Purple Badge instructions. Please obey distance restrictions and wear a mask.
Number of participants is restricted.
Chairs’ prices are identical to Netanya residents in the Lagoon, Sironit and Ha’Onot beaches in showing Hotels’ voucher.


Netanya is characterized by an amazing coastline with a new and exotic promenade chosen as one of the most beautiful promenades in Israel.

White Night

Events ,movies, lectures, etc


Hebrew singing Festival

"Everything happened here"

A night at the Alonim nature reserve with Peleg Levy the Sargent affair researcher

Beaches, songs & romantics

А night singing tour for Tu be'Av directed by Billie Eliaz music by Tsvi Sherf

"Shirat Hayam"

From Nice to Tunis a festival for Middle East poetry

Yoga on the beach

Sunrise at Sironit beach

Pilatis in Sironit at sunset

Pilates can be suitable for anyone, in any situation, and at any age!

A culinary tour in Netanya Market

The Netanya market is an outstanding experience which unites cultures, tastes and colors. A glimpse into some culinary pearls which simply can not be missed. Bon Apetit!

A guided tour in the Museum

The museum holds a variety of tours on different topics and in different languages

Museum into the night

The museum tells the story of Netanya from its establishment in 1929 until the 1960s

Tour & Tale

A theatrical tour telling the story of Netanya's early days – characters from the past coming to life.

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