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Earth Day in Planetanya

Wednesday 16:30-21:00

Admission is free, without prior registration, except for the Planetarium displays – at a cost of 25 NIS, subject to early purchase on the Planetanya website

Lectures (ages 11 and over)

Renewable energies – Elad Lerner

The Influence of the Sun on Earth – Past, Present and Future – Dr. Marcos Hilsenrat

The lighting of the headlights and the light of the stars – on light pollution – Ela Ratz

The race to the moon – The Association Space IL – Yuval Mishori


The light of the lanterns, the starlight, the streetlight and the night sky

Age 6 and over

Renewable energies – electricity saving

Age 6 and over

Climate changes

Age 6 and over

Origami from reusable materials

Me and my surroundings

The Seaside

The Human Body

Climate change show

19:30|20:30 Stars show on climate change – 25 NS

The number of places on the planetarium is limited


Wish tree from reusable materials

Telescopes observations

* Subject to weather conditions

Japanese garden

Guidance on ecology – Conservation of energy in Planetanya – ecological pools and the role of every element in the pool

Scientific Park

Tours with an emphasis on changing energies


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