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March 1-2 2018

Purim 2018: Two days of Purim celebrations in the city

The colorful Adloyada (the Purim parade) returns to the city and this year there will be a procession between Shalom Aleichem Street and the Pond Park. In addition, there will be a huge event at Independence Square with a costume party, the stars of the Hope channel, Michal Tzafir and singer Noa Kirl
Thousands of participants, children, dancers, jugglers, clowns and performers will come to celebrate a variety of events that will last two days.
After three years of Purim celebrations in the city during which the new Independence Square was decorated in colorful colors, the beloved Adloyada parade returns to the streets of the city and will march along Shalom Aleichem Street to the Winter Lake Park on Thursday, March1st, starting at 11:00.
Adloyada on Thursday

Thousands of marchers will participate in the main parade under the slogan “Netanya celebrates its birthday”. Among the marchers will be city children, dance troupes, jugglers, clowns, actors, field artists and more. Alongside them, Sholem Aleichem Street in Netanya will be decorated with dozens of spectacular displays of giant gift boxes, birthday cakes, balloons and representatives of the guests of honor who will come to the celebrations, heads of state such as Donald Trump, the Queen of England, Herzl and Ben Gurion, creatures from the outside world, superheroes, princesses and princes, fairy tales and more.
The procession will be led by the mayor of Netanya, Miriam Fierberg – Ikar who, in the best tradition, keeps the costume secret.
Starting at 12:00, a variety of artists will arrive at the main stage that will be built in the Winter Lake Park, with juggling performances and an aerial acrobatics show. The children who will come to the festivities will enjoy the show “Hope Israeli Childhood”, “Uncle Chaim”, “Bambalik”, Agam Buhbut and more. In addition there will be a costume competition with prizes.

A huge celebration on Friday

Friday 2.3.18 The festivities will continue with a huge event at the new Independence Square, starting at 11:00, with a costume competition, a Purim quiz and activities for the whole family. In addition, the celebrants will enjoy Grandma Lola’s performance, who hosts Naddy from the Hope channel followed by Michal Tzafir and the beloved Israeli singer Noa Kirl who will perform on stage.



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