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Exhibition “Fantastic Photography”

Yitzhak Ben Aryeh was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1926.

He discovered the magic of photography only at the age of 35, when he moved to work in the photography lab of the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture.

As part of his participation in an international master class in France, he met Gary Yolsman, a photomontage artist from the United States, through whom he learned this technique.

Since then, Isaac has created a large number of analog photomontages in the darkroom, some of which are exhibited throughout the world, and 12 of them were purchased by the National Library in Paris.

In 2002, Yitzhak moved to create digital montages in Photoshop.

The transition from dark room to light room was completely natural for Yitzhak despite the great technical difference between analog and digital photography.

“Photography is not just an expression of reality, as it was thought at the beginning of the days of photography,” he said, “photography is a sea of possibilities in which every photographer can find expression.”

Yitzhak Ben-Arie’s exhibition “Fantastic Photography” is displayed in the foyer of the Netanya Cultural Center until 23.11.17.

Opening hours: Sundays to Thursdays 09: 00-13: 00

And in the evening according to the activities of the Netanya Cultural Center

On Monday 13.11.17 at 20:00, Yitzhak Ben-Arieh will host a gallery talk in the hall lobby, a dialogue with the audience about his work.

Entrance to the meeting is free, everyone is welcome

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