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In the coming months

TOUR of bars around the city


Netanya presents: TOUR of bars around the city – concerts and a wonderful atmosphere
Netanya municipality and the Education & Social Administration (youth Dept.) are proud to present the TOUR of bars that is gaining momentum these days around town.
Curious to know more? Live performances are held in the city center and in known entertainment compounds and are offered to you, dear residents and visitors, free of charge!! Add to it fine alcohol, a wonderful atmosphere and beautiful people and you get an exceptional entertainment!!
In the coming months 11 concerts are being offered and here is the list:

March – 4 concerts

The friends of Molly (17.3, Uranus Pub, tel. 052-3433448)
Tomer Tayeb (23.3, Lagansky Pub, tel. 054-7839019)
NO NAME (24.3, compound Rhythm & Friends, tel. 052-8944228)
HeebyGeeBees (25.3, Uranus Pub, tel. 052-3433448)

April – 4 concerts

Guy Mezig (20.4, Lagansky Pub, tel. 054-7839019)
Echo and Tito (21.4, Rhythm & Friends, tel. 052-8944228)
Eran Tzur (22.4, Uranus Pubtel. 052-3433448)
Maor Bitton (27.4, Lagansky Pub tel. 054-7839019)

May – 3 concerts

Aveva (11.5, Lagansky Pub, tel. 054-7839019)
Tropical Melby (12.5, Rhythm & Friends, tel. 052-8944228)
Geva Alon (13.5, Uranus Pub, tel. 052-3433448)











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