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Sarcelles – France

A twin city agreement was signed 23/03/88 by Mayor Yoel Elroy


Sarcelles is a suburban city located 15 km from the French capital, Paris. The city is divided into two parts: the old part is called “The Village” in the center of which is a church, and is separate from the rest of the city. The city’s population if 58,000 people. During the 18th and 19th centuries Sarcelles relied on vegetable crops and grape vines. After World War II the city experienced growth through immigration, offering both a traditional atmosphere and financial centers.


During the 50s construction began for the new city, which is separated from the other parts of the city, featuring houses and 4 story apartment buildings. The neighborhoods are connected via a park with sports facilities.

The city population is relatively young with 34.9% under 20 years old and 42.2% under 25 years old. Only 13.6% were over 60.


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