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Sunny Isles Beach – U.S.A

A twin city agreement was signed 26/04/06 by Mayor Miriam Fierberg – Ikar

Sunny Isles Beach has a population of 20,000 residents and is just along Miami Beach, Florida. The city spans along 4 km of beach and is so culturally diverse that it is sometimes called Little Moscow because of its large Russian speaking population.


More than one million tourists come annually to enjoy the 25 miles of beaches and the facilities they offer such as marine sports, seamanship, fishing, entertainment, recreational facilities and other tourist attractions. The city is relatively young – only seven years old – and most of its residents are Jewish, among them a large Netanya community.


The desire for a twin city relationship started both in Netanya and in Sunny IslesBeach simultaneously, until in July of 2007 the decision was made. It is important to note that following Netanya Mayor’s visit to Sunny Beach Isles dozens of Miami’s residents have purchased apartments in Netanya, and several business persons are looking into making financial investments in Netanya.


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