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Nice – France

A Twin City agreement was signed in October 1968 by Mayor Abraham Bar Menahem. Nice is one of the most important tourist attractions in Southern France. It is located along the Mediterranean between Marseille, France, and Genoa, Italy, sounded by the peaks of the Alps Mountains. In the Nice metropolitan 933,000 people live. Nice was founded by Greeks from Marseille and was given the name Nikaia (Νικαία) in honor of the goddess of victory after their victory over the neighboring Liguarians.


The city of Nice is the capital of Provence and is a host of numerous restaurants along the shores of the Mediterranean. The Promenade des Anglais (“Walk of the English”) is a celebrated promenade along the Nice bay called the Bay of Angels. Beaches are abundant here, as well as cafes, restaurants and it bustles with visiting tourists. The Massena Museum here is named after one of Napoleon’s main Generals, who has a few of his own oil paintings on display. The Fine Arts Museum can also be found along this promenade, displaying Italian, Dutch and French paintings starting at the 17th century art and onto current art. Among others you can find here pieces by Sisley, Monet, Van Dongen, Rodan, Picasso, Dofi. The old city of Nice lies at the foot of a 92m high hill called Chateau.


Similarly to Nice, the City of Netanya, the Sharon’s Capital, boasts various promenades.


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