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“New Artists in the Association” Exhibition

The Netanya Plastic Artists’ Association invites you to an exhibition of new artists in the association


The Israeli Space Week in Planetanya

This year we will mark the Israeli Space Week on Wednesday 31/1 from 18:30

New in the city

The future is already here

It’s 7:50 Sunday morning. Almog, who lives in East Netanya, has to arrive at her workplace at 8:00 am in the western part of the city. She gets on the skytran…


Your house – We’ll bring you lectures by women

Netanya is celebrating International Women’s Day with a special event, Houses Host Women and you gain an empowering and exciting experience, right in your own living room.


SEAT Pro Netanya Presented by reef – QS3000

We are thrilled and excited as the first time to announce the WSL QS3000 competition – the SEAT Pro Netanya Presented by REEF.


The Light within me

In honor of the month of awareness for people with disabilities, we invite you to the exhibition “The Light within Me” – until 11.01.18.


Events at the Kfar Vitkin winery

Vitkin Winery is a family owned boutique winery, considered one of the finest in the Israeli wine industry, due to its expertise in the creation of original Israeli wines.


Vitkin Winery

Vitkin’s feast at the Vitkin winery. New Year’s Eve celebration of good wine


Netanya of Light

Candle lighting in the giant Hanukkah menorah in the new Independence Square, Light at Heychal Hatarbut, Light, Science and Stars at Planetanya and more.


Light in the Neighborhoods and Community Centers

The detailed list of activities in the neighborhoods and community centers of Netanya

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