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Beaches in Netanya

There is no other city with beaches like Netanya’s. 13,5 kilometers of golden beaches, some of the most beautiful in Israel. On the beaches there are restaurants, bathing facilities and various attractions. A variety of activities are held on the beaches of Netanya: surfing, beach volleyball, sand football (soccer), marine sports and paragliding.

Sironit Beach B

Netanya’s main beach, Sironit Beach is located below the Rishonim Promenade, accessible by the transparent sea elevator. Two breakwaters, a symbol of Netanya, are set up opposite the beach creating tranquil bays which enable safe swimming almost all year round. The beach is open mornings for early risers interested in exercising from 6:30 a.m. This piece of beach hosts the local police center, a first aid center, lifeguard and supervision points, the offices of the Beach Administration Department, the restaurants, fitness facilities and public toilets.

Poleg beach A + B

The city’s southernmost beach, “Speedo” Poleg Beach is situated next to the Black Iris Reserve and Ramat Poleg. The beach has a gourmet restaurant, buffet, changing rooms and restrooms. Motorized sea craft are permitted only in the northern zone. There is a fee for parking.

Lagoon (Argaman) beach

Access to the beach is from the Ben Ami Boulevard that is an integral part of the Matzok promenade. On the beach there are life guard services, open air gym equipment and a restaurant. Parking is free.

Sironit beach A

  The central beach located at the foot of the Rishonim Promenade from which there is a transparent elevator leading down to the beach. The beach is protected by two piers so there is a safe area in between for bathing almost all year round. The beach is open to early birds and gymnasts. In the summer the restaurants run entertainment programs and in the sports arenas tournaments and games are held. Parking fee.    

Hertzel beach

Herzl Beach is the extension from Herzl Street and Atzmaut Square. The beach offers playgrounds, a restaurant with chairs on the sand, palm trees and beach umbrellas. Additional attractions include the sports center “Meduza” where naval activities take place, sports equipment rental and a special camp for children.

Ha-Onot beach

The Onot Beach gets its name from the Onot Hotel, which towers above the beach. Ascent to the beach is through a stairway from the Shaked Promenade along Niza Boulevard. This is a beautiful beach suitable for youngsters who love music and beach dancing. There is a restaurant called “Hof Hatamnun” complete with a mini bar and a D.J. playing dance music on the beach.

Ttanz beach

This beach is arranged for separate swimming by gender for the ultra religious. It is a beautiful beach, expansive and organized with stairs ascending right onto the sand. The placed is fenced and supervised. The kiosk here is glatt-kosher. First aid services are available. The beach is closed on Saturdays.

Amphi Beach (Kontiki)

It is accessible for boats, jet skis, catamarans and surfboards all of which can be rented including kayaks and bananas. You can also enjoy a quick trip on the “Tornado” boat, the fastest in the country, capable of carrying up to 12 people, along the coast of Netanya, north to south and back.

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